BULAPRAS 2019 Annual Meetings Program

I Annual Meeting Date: 16.03.2019 Venue: Panagjurishte Topic: Breast Surgery Host Organizer: Regina Hatter   II Annual Meeting Date: 08.06.2019 Venue: Sozopol Topic: Body Contouring Organizer: Krasimir Kenolov   III Annual Meeting. General Assembly. BULAPRAS Administration Bodies Election Date: 12.10.2019 Venue: Belchin Bania Topic: Complications in PRAS. Varia Host Organizer: Violin

Esser Masterclass: TENDONS.17-18 January 2019. Rotterdam, Netherlands

Acute and chronic tendon ruptures are of every day for an upper extremity surgeon. The repair itself is often not so difficult, but how does my patient achieve a good to excellent result? This is the real challenge in tendon surgery. Therefore, we designed a two-day course (17-18 January 2019)  with theoretical and practical sessions offering most types of repair in different zones, chronic reconstruction possibilities and transfers for flexor and extensor